Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Thursday, September 25, 2008

New M106 Blog

Hi everyone!

It's been sucha long time since there has been any posts in this blog. Poor thing, with all the cobwebs and all.

Anyway, the main reason for this post is to announce the birth of another new m106 blog because the password of this one has been changed then forgotten by another admin.

Credits go to Naomi for setting up the new blog. (erm is there anyone else? I'm not sure.. I'm just the messenger)

So hop over to our spanking new M106 blog and update us on how you have been doing after leaving our beloved IMU.

Do keep in touch and see you there! ^v^

Sunday, March 30, 2008


Dear Batch Mates,

With effect on 1 April 2008, admin will be relocating the present Security Counter (Exit 3) to LGF Lift B and closing the Exit 3 stairway access to parking levels to facilitate the renovation work.

The lift B (LRT side) currently not in use will be in operation from 1 April 2008, from LGF to 3rd floor only.All Staff and SRC may use the lift B (LRT side) from LGF to 3rd floor during office hours and students after 6.30pm.

To access 4th floor, students are to use Exit 3 stairway or the escalators

To access/from parking levels, please use Exit 5 (C) /new lobby area.

Please refer to the attached layout.
~all the best for msk!!!! ~

Saturday, March 15, 2008


pre-matching meeting

date: 17th march 2008
time: 1.30pm
venue : LT 3

do attend!!!!!!

this msg was brought to by james wong pak guan...


Here is the line up of events for the Go green week

monday : 12.30pm Recyling Innovation talk (n refreshments)

1.30pm Tree planting ceremony

tuesday : 7.00pm Amazing race go green style...come supoort all our batchmates that signed up

wednesday : 11-1.00pm IMU BALL FOOD FAIR go green style

7.00pm -11pm Movie screening
1. an inconvenient truth audi A
2. the day after tomoro audi B
( get your tickets starting monday at the atrium)

friday : 10.00am -1.00pm Grand opening IMU GGC
POSTER competition
Fashion Comp
Adoption of wildlife

there will be pro environment NGO booths set up at the atrium thruout the week....lots of cool stuff to see, learn, buy n do.....come visit k....

come 1 come all come support us big or smalll (lame betul) hehe

don't jus say it, do it!!!
reduce, reuse and recycle....

GET your Green Going!!!!!

Saturday, December 08, 2007

christmas prezzies

hey guys.. happy berfinished exams and happy berstartingness selectives =)


bout the christmas present exchange thingy..

pls drop off the presents in the SRC room (4th floor)
on the 11th (tuesday) or latest by 12th of december.

and when you've done that, please remember to put a tick next to your name on the list that will be there in the src room =)

don't forget to write both your name and the receiver's name on the gift yea
if possible with a marker so we don't hafta squint our eyes while looking for our prezzies

please pass the word around.. thanks!



Sunday, October 07, 2007


Presenting... VENUS, M106

Good job, cheerleaders!
So proud of all of you.

PS : Mui How so cute la..

Monday, August 20, 2007

Groupings For Endocrine System

that is such a long list..
hope u guys can read it..

David had mailed us all the groupings and timetable as well..

In case you never receive it, please visit the 'I' drive at

then, go to this location:

*for those taking the resit, hope that today's SAQ was not tough for u guys, all the best for OSPE & OSCE la..

see ya..